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6 Trending Diwali Outfits

So the main part of the year is around the corner. Diwali- the festive season of joy which brings people together and creates a lot of memories. Everyone enjoys the festival of lights. People usually visit each other's place, greetings are exchanged, and various delicacies are served at this time. But the major problem which every lady faces before the beginning of the festival is- "which outfit will I wear this time?" This question raises a lot of confusion. Each one of us wants to look glamorous and to look one; one should know the trend. So to make your worry go away, here’s the list of the most trending outfits this Diwali. Saree- Traditional outfits have much significance during...

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Passion Takes Over Sometimes our life is defined by the choices we make and with time a beautiful story is woven. And these choices are extremely important for an entrepreneur when one knows its not just our story but a story of all the people associated with us. Having said that, there are some tough decisions when it comes to making our choices. Pursuing one’s passion comes with a price and its not just a regular income or fixed work hours or a regular income that we are sacrificing to pursue our passion.  Having made the choice, a tough journey asks for a greater conviction that our choices are ‘not for Mulla (money)’. Not that passion and mulla have to...

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Benefits of Cotton Clothing

The fashion world has got a number of textiles. There are some fabrics which glam up in the light and some which are just boring. Cotton is the fabric which won’t glam up unless & until you design your dress well. It would suffice to say cotton Vivek utmost comfort. In the quest for glamour, people batter comfort. At times there are textures which not only causes discomfort but also results in health issues or cause skin allergies. For this reason, the “fabric of people’s lives” i.e., cotton (Kapaas) clothing is being widely marketed and preferred by majority these days. There are hundreds of facts which are not known to us about cotton wear. Here’s the list of top six...

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6 Rationales of Cotton Kurti being EVERGREEN!

Kurtis are being sold out as veggies in the Indian market. These are counted as daily basic wear of every woman because of which they are prone to buy more and more kurti. Talking about the fabric- no matter how much the fabric industry has given us, there is nothing as comfortable as cotton. The sheer cotton fabric is just irresistible. Wear it at home, college or office; cotton kurtis are going to be timeless. So here are some reasons why cotton kurtis are evergreen:- 1. Mushy as Feather- Even with full sleeves, cotton is the most breathable and comfy fabric. It is skin-friendly leaving zero rashes on one’s body. It can be worn in all the seasons especially in...

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7 Ways to Grace in a Jacket

If someone told you that simple kurtis are preferable when it comes to comfort and style then just let the same talk exit from the other ear. Just dressing up in normal kurti has become outdated. The ultimate style booster of the year is pairing up jacket with kurti. This combination gives an indo-western look. The only tip to get this look correct is to get a comfortable and elegant kurti with a fantastic finishing of the jacket. So here are some ways of how to grace yourself in a jacket kurti:- 1. Normal Jacket with Cotton Kurti- Style the jacket kurti with a pair of hoops and a pair of distressed denims which makes a perfect look for a...

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