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Did you believe that developments and inventions were the sole domain of technology? No, not at all. We’re ready to dazzle you with some incredible fabrics that will revolutionize the way you think about textile evolution. Just grab on tight because things are about to get insane! Fabrics like silk, cotton, wool, polyester, velvet, and so on have all been known. That isn’t all, though. Experimentation, progress, and the desire for more and better have resulted in a number of innovative textiles with unrivalled qualities that will make you go wow and buy them right away! Anti-Microbial: You never thought something like that would exist, did you? We didn't expect this pandemic to impact our lives in this way, either....

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How many times has your heart been shattered because the saree you wanted to wear for a special event has lost its luster and now looks dull? Or perhaps your favorite lehenga has got a bad stain that refuses to go away. As much as we despise these mishaps, we can't deny that they happen to the majority of us. However, preventing them may not be as difficult as it appears. A basic understanding of fabric care can go a long way toward keeping those cherished pieces of clothing. Khari, Gold Block, and Foil prints, for example, have a short shelf life and fade away after 5-8 washes. Taking care of pricey fabrics necessitates a small investment as well. Here’s...

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Showers of hope- they say, the prospect of a break from the sweltering heat of the summer. While the monsoon is dear to our hearts, it can also be a spoilsport, and there is no such thing as a “reserve day” in life. Many people think that fashion is “outrageous” during difficult times, and the monsoon is no exception. We’ve seen how tough it is for us to decide what to dress during these months. So, to assist you, we’ve compiled a list of top trends for this monsoon, allowing you to make the best decision while also showing off the current fashion trends! During the monsoon, Indian mothers are anxious about wearing jeans. Because they are fully aware of...

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Checklist while buying fabric online

They believe that what's on the inside shines brighter than what's on the outside. This is especially true not only in metaphorical aspects of life but also in fabric purchases. Would you buy a piece of clothing only based on its color, disregarding the size, fit, and pattern? Or a technical product without double-checking its specifications? Isn't that correct? Buying fabrics online is pretty much the same. It's not only about choosing the most intriguing and attractively printed item. There are various elements to consider before making that final decision if you want your outfit or accessory to be of high quality and stand out. Weight: Weight, like fabric, plays a big role in determining how comfortable something is. And,...

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Summer is the season when a lot of fashion keeps coming up. Even too many fashion guides are less to describe the trend going on in summer. So, here’s one more. You can look on point and stay trendy even when you're only trying to beat the heat. Allow us to guide you through this summer's trends, which not only look fantastic but also keep you cool.1. All is white: This versatile colour can be combined with both light and dark shades and is both classic and basic. Whites are good for summer because they reflect light and retain less heat, making them the ideal choice for staying stylish, comfortable, and cool during the scorching Indian summers.   2. Prints:...

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