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4 Comfortable Yet Stylish Fabrics For Summer

Summer is upon us in all its glory. But your desire to look stylish while embracing comfort for every occasion need not be compromised due to the heat. Handwoven fabrics have proven and continue to be valuable assets during the unrelenting summer heat. Whatever your style, elegant, chic or quirky, invest in these fabrics and you will definitely not be let down.

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Sustainable fashion is a term we've been hearing a lot recently and with clear reason. Sustainability is proving to be a pressing problem. Year after year, it turns out, the apparel industry is one of the main sources of carbon emissions and microplastics. Clothing manufacturing absorbs a large portion of the world's water resources; for example, a basic cotton t-shirt consumes about 600 gallons of water. Furthermore, fabrics used in the fast fashion industry, such as polyester, are considered non-biodegradable. All of these facts show that we are making a huge mistake when we choose fast fashion for its low cost, while the environment suffers the consequences. But it's not just doom and gloom. We can all help save the...

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Sustainable Clothing: Myths & Facts

Sustainability has been a buzzword for a while now, but we don't completely understand what sustainable fashion entails for all of us. We will deter ourselves from making the right lifestyle choices if we start believing in sustainable fashion myths. It's time to become aware of our environmental effect on the world and take the eco-friendly fashion discussion to the next level. Here are common misconceptions about sustainable clothes: Uncomfortable- People do think that sustainable clothing is not comfortable. Gone are the days when you were bulky and weighed down with organic materials. On your skin, the fabric feels super smooth. It's light, breathable and cozy in your favorite outfits, exactly what you're looking for. The way to go is...

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