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Summer is the season when a lot of fashion keeps coming up. Even too many fashion guides are less to describe the trend going on in summer. So, here’s one more. You can look on point and stay trendy even when you're only trying to beat the heat. Allow us to guide you through this summer's trends, which not only look fantastic but also keep you cool.1. All is white: This versatile colour can be combined with both light and dark shades and is both classic and basic. Whites are good for summer because they reflect light and retain less heat, making them the ideal choice for staying stylish, comfortable, and cool during the scorching Indian summers.   2. Prints:...

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Sustainable fashion is a term we've been hearing a lot recently and with clear reason. Sustainability is proving to be a pressing problem. Year after year, it turns out, the apparel industry is one of the main sources of carbon emissions and microplastics. Clothing manufacturing absorbs a large portion of the world's water resources; for example, a basic cotton t-shirt consumes about 600 gallons of water. Furthermore, fabrics used in the fast fashion industry, such as polyester, are considered non-biodegradable. All of these facts show that we are making a huge mistake when we choose fast fashion for its low cost, while the environment suffers the consequences. But it's not just doom and gloom. We can all help save the...

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Pastels - Ultimate Code for the Summer

Amelie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Far from Heaven, and more are among the films that have made us fall in love with new fashionable dresses along with their storylines. Soft colours like pinks, lavender, ivory, and powder blue became a growing obsession among our fashion choices as a result of our favourite ladies on-screen wearing bright and vibrantly coloured summer dresses. In the year 2021, there hasn't been much of a shift in people's views toward pastels. The fan fervour for these pale, calming tints returns as the seasons shift, like a much-needed cool breeze on a humid summer afternoon! These subtle and sombre styles are great for the fancy new outfit we've been eyeing for our upcoming exotic vacation...

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Rising temperature calls for sizzling summer trends in apparel, and when they appear on the fashion runways, all the fashion fever women around the globe are immediately looking for them. While there are different seasonal trends worthy of women falling in love, but few of them absolutely outstrip the others just like follows:1. Floral Print: Without the floral print charm, no woman's wardrobe can be completed. They are highly luxurious and transmit a unique feminine grace to any clothing, whether it’s a floral printed ethnic top or a graceful indo western dress. To take your style game a little higher, make sure it has been designed with classy sleeves and impressive neckline, making it a fashion-forward choice for all occasions....

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