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Sustainable fashion is a term we've been hearing a lot recently and with clear reason. Sustainability is proving to be a pressing problem. Year after year, it turns out, the apparel industry is one of the main sources of carbon emissions and microplastics. Clothing manufacturing absorbs a large portion of the world's water resources; for example, a basic cotton t-shirt consumes about 600 gallons of water. Furthermore, fabrics used in the fast fashion industry, such as polyester, are considered non-biodegradable. All of these facts show that we are making a huge mistake when we choose fast fashion for its low cost, while the environment suffers the consequences.

But it's not just doom and gloom. We can all help save the world for a better future by making conscious decisions, including in the fashion industry, which we care deeply about. How do we, the fashionable set, integrate sustainability into our lives now that we've decided that it's the new mantra?

Here's an easy-to-follow guide for incorporating sustainable practices while remaining trendy!

  1. What environmentally friendly fabrics should I buy this summer?

Embrace cellulose-based fabrics, such as viscose, modal, and linen, which are derived from and returned to nature due to their biodegradable properties. These lightweight fabrics are not only environmentally friendly but are also highly breathable and easy to wear. This year's mission is to shop consciously in order to support the environment and promote sustainability.

  1. Is it possible to find sustainable fabrics in fashionable colors?

Yes, absolutely! This season's common colors include a range of pastel hues that represent the season itself. Choose casual, breezy looks in pastel colors like mint green, blush pink, powder blue, and golden straw, which are all on trend for 2021. When shopping for clothes in these colors, bear in mind the dyes that were used to produce the garments. Using fabrics made of colored fibers rather than dyeing them later means that colors do not bleed or fade even after several washes, minimizing wastewater discharge significantly. See, you can be trendy and environmentally conscious at the same time!

  1. What prints are in this Spring-Summer 2021?

Stripes are a major trend this season, and they are being loved in all of the different variations. Whether resort stripes, hairline stripes, famous rugby lines, or charcoal stripes, they all make you look taller and slimmer. You can also ramp up your fashion game this summer by mixing stripes. For an off-duty model look, combine a slim hairline striped shirt with a pair of broader Cabana striped shorts. 

  1. Is it still considered a fashion faux pas to wear the same outfit twice?

Not all of them! It's time to proudly repeat your outfits; in reality, it's a fantastic step toward a more sustainable lifestyle! Experiment with mixing and matching various separates to create a new look from something you already have in your wardrobe. Why be coy about repeat wear when powerful women like Michelle Obama, Arianna Huffington, and Kate Middleton support it? Take a lead from today's fashionistas, who teach us how to wear a white anarkali kurta for various occasions.

Hope we have cleared all the basic doubts regarding sustainable fashion. Kapaas and Resham is a place where we are pro- sustainable fashion. So why wait to take a step towards the environment. Get your hands on our products right away before it goes away (out of stock :P)