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Wearing those prim and proper shirts and trousers to work daily? Once in a while, you might throw on a pencil skirt or a pantsuit. But western wear does not really satiate our need for beautiful colors and luminosity. How about modifying your casual ethnic wear into gorgeous office wear? Here are a couple of style tips for enhancing your ethnic office wear.1. The saree-ed professional: Although sarees were almost the epitome of any Indian woman's formal wear, they are mostly limited to special occasions. A simple, well-draped, printed saree is perhaps one of the most elegant formal wear ever. Keep the blouse stylish with 3/4th sleeves and boat neck. You're bound to make a statement at work, teamed with...

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Can one drape a saree without a blouse? Obviously not! It won’t be wrong to say that saree and blouse go hand in hand. The blouse is a cropped at waist, fattened blouson to cover the upper body while wearing a saree or lehenga.  Saree without a blouse or vice versa, for practical reasons, often has little value. The entire look of the saree depends upon the blouse you choose. No doubt you will buy the best saree, but if the blouse chosen isn’t flattering, the look’s dead. So to protect your look from fading away, here are five rules one must follow while wearing a blouse- The Fit & Cut- The blouse is a separate fitting garment that is...

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At times you would have noticed at a party- a girl wearing a dress from Colaba down-street looks way better than a girl wearing Gucci. This would have surely left you wondering for hours. Let me solve this mystery for you. The branded dress failed to glam up because the one who wore the attire failed to carry it well. So no doubt the Colaba dress came into the eyes of the people as the girl wearing it would have possibly carried it gracefully. The most essential ingredient for a chic look is “the way you carry yourself”. This is the first and the last thing one should keep in mind. What does “carry well mean”? In the common man’s...

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As fall occurs, most of us wish for the time to pass faster. Winter- the time of the year which is awaited by the majority of the crowd. The season has got so much, from the great black Friday sale to the New Year’s Eve. With the multiple occasions in the span, most of the style fashions are introduced during this time. There are some landmark fashions that set the trend. But some of us want to stay unique and not follow the crowd. So here are some classic clothing essentials which one must-have during winter irrespective of the trend:- Skinny Jeans- Skinny jeans are perfect for winter because their streamlined silhouette enables you to lay multiple items for warmth...

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5 Types of Ethnic Bottoms

With their recent revival, receiving a hike of adoration, ethnic-style bottom wears have revamped women’s fashion landscape. Amongst all the bottom wears of trendy and designer girls, ethnic bottom wears stand out from all the rest. Do you know why? Well, they’re the most versatile thing about any women’s closet as they can be combined with almost any kind of upper wear to help you to get yourself a lovable look. All such sartorial wonders are available in various styles and sizes. So here is a list of ethnic bottom styles that you should own:- Skirts- One of the oldest ethnic bottom wear styles for women, the traditional long skirts have the magical power to make the trendiest ensemble. With...

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