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Talking of handloom sarees, the famous Chanderi sarees cannot be forgotten to mention. Named after their birthplace, the town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, these sarees have been a favorite amongst women of all classes. And why not, the glossy texture, the lightweight and the fabric's richness is enough to charm everyone. A woman who loves handloom weaves is sure to have Chanderi sarees in her collection. I’m sure it has left you wondering with a question- what’s that great about Chanderi. Some of the surprising facts about Chanderi sarees are:

  • Though historical records show that Chanderi weaves have been around since the 11th century, references to the Vedic period in Indian mythology suggest that Lord Krishna 's cousin Shishupal introduced the Chanderi fabric.
  • Chanderi sarees are transparent, and the fabric has a sheer texture because of which it is referred to as 'woven air.' The sarees owe this standard to the high quality and extra-fine yarns used in weaving the Chanderi fabric. The yarn used to create Chanderi fabric does not go through the process of degumming to prevent breakage during weaving, giving the fabric its unique texture and shine.
  • Chanderi 's fine count cotton is extracted from a special root called the Kolikanda. Light but solid, it offered a glossy finish to the fabric.
  • Chanderi weaves were revived in 1910 when Scindia's royal family extended their patronage to the craft. It was during this period when golden thread motifs were introduced to Chanderi weaving.
  • The round dots on Chanderi fabric also called as butis is woven with the use of needles on the handloom. Separate needles are used for designing different motifs. These motifs were then coated with gold, silver, or copper. Most of the motifs are inspired by the Banarasi sarees.
  • Pure silk, chanderi cotton, and silk cotton are the three most popular fabrics used to weave a Chanderi saree. Although they are available in bold colors such as red, black, navy blue, and fuchsia, Chanderi sarees are distinguished by soft pastel tones.

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