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Kala Cotton is also known as the desi cotton of India. I will start by quoting Shree Amitabh Bachchan- "Kutchh Nahi Dekha toh Kuch Nahi Dekha”. Kutch is situated in Gujarat and is the largest district in India. But this Indian district was not known to the world until 26th January 2001. After the earthquake instead of breaking down, this region grew. Yes! It grew like never before. The land is known for its white rann, kite festivals, embroideries, and fabric. The desi Kala cotton has originated from Kutchh. In the late 19th century, this fabric’s demand was above 90%. But with times the demand for the fabric dropped to 2%. People started using different fabrics available in the market. Here are some reasons listed out for why one should start buying the Kala fabric products.

  1. Chemical & Toxin Free- Kala cotton is cent per cent organic fabric. No chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides are used while growing. It is a purely rainfed crop. As no fertilizers are used, the highest quality of the fabric is produced. On the contrary, hybrid and BT cotton cannot be grown without using pests.
  2. Great for skin- We all are aware of the harmful effects of the chemicals on our skin. Be it chemical containing fabric or chemical-based fabric colours, they have a bad effect on our sensitive skin. Kala cotton is the fabric you can trust blindly when you need clothing that does not harm your skin. Every piece of this fabric is free of harmful toxins.
  3. Biodegradable- Whenever you throw away a piece of clothing, it ends up either in a landfill or in the ocean. Wherever it goes, it remains there, rising pollution and non-degradable waste for eternity. But the Kala cotton products support sustainable living. This fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  4. Food Cycle- The use of Kala cotton as a plant is not restricted to clothing alone. It enters our food chain in different ways the food farming gets affected directly when the chemicals used while growing cotton gets in contact with the nearby water bodies. Cottonseed oil is used in many eatables. It is also used in many homes as well as a source of fat. By growing cotton organically, we can ensure a safe food chain that follows clothing as well.
  5. Lasting Softness- Kala cotton is softer and more durable. As it goes through less processing with zero chemicals, so the fabric doesn’t weaken for a long time. It is a strong and resilient material. So besides being softer than other fabrics, Kala cotton products last longer as well.
  6. Fair Trade- While buying a Kala cotton product, you are directly supporting fair pay for the farmers. We already know the plight of farmers who are suffering from acute poverty today. At a time when global Kala cotton prices are plummeting, and cotton farmers around the world are taking their own lives in desperation, fair trade is the only ethical solution. After all the efforts and hard work of the farmer needs to be paid off.

I believe that by now, you are convinced as to why you should start wearing Kala cotton products. When a Kala cotton fabric is dyed, it looks like life is created in the fabric. Wait no more in trying out the Kala cotton products!