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At times you would have noticed at a party- a girl wearing a dress from Colaba down-street looks way better than a girl wearing Gucci. This would have surely left you wondering for hours. Let me solve this mystery for you. The branded dress failed to glam up because the one who wore the attire failed to carry it well. So no doubt the Colaba dress came into the eyes of the people as the girl wearing it would have possibly carried it gracefully. The most essential ingredient for a chic look is “the way you carry yourself”. This is the first and the last thing one should keep in mind. What does “carry well mean”? In the common man’s language, it means to be confident enough in the clothes you wear. So here are the six approaches to carry yourself well:-

  1. Find your colors: - You need to know what looks excellent on you and what doesn’t. The biggest deciding factor is to know what colors look best with your complexion and hair color.
  2. Consider your shape: - Knowing your body shape is another key factor in carrying yourself. Not everybody is of the same size or proportion, so dressing in ways that flatter your unique shape can help you confidently strut your stuff. Whether you’re an hourglass shape, tall or short, dressing for your shape makes all the difference.
  3. Play to your strengths: -Once you get to know what looks good on your body shape, start considering your other strengths. For example, if you have a curvy body than you would probably be more commanding in a dress instead of a pantsuit.  Some features of the body should be taken into consideration like- leg length versus torso length. By playing with your strengths, you will have a coordinated outfit, no matter in what way you style.
  4. Know your personal style: -To carry yourself well, dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable is also important to consider. Styles that one feels natural may not always be conventional, but one should always adjust to some degree in their clothing to feel confident. One should feel free to show off their personal flair in daily routine. This way your outfit will still feel like you even if you are trying out a new style.
  5. Occasion: - The occasion you would be attending should be kept in mind while dressing up. It’s not easy to carry well when you are over or underdressed. So make sure that you dress in an outfit that is appropriate for where you’ll be spending time.
  6. Comfort level: -Nothing is worse than being caught in a situation where your outfit makes you feel uncomfortable. Consider your comfort levels with what your outfit does or doesn’t cover before you walk out of the door, and you should always feel confident in the way you’re dressed.

So go through this guide and be at peace in trying new styles.