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How many times has your heart been shattered because the saree you wanted to wear for a special event has lost its luster and now looks dull? Or perhaps your favorite lehenga has got a bad stain that refuses to go away. As much as we despise these mishaps, we can't deny that they happen to the majority of us. However, preventing them may not be as difficult as it appears. A basic understanding of fabric care can go a long way toward keeping those cherished pieces of clothing. Khari, Gold Block, and Foil prints, for example, have a short shelf life and fade away after 5-8 washes. Taking care of pricey fabrics necessitates a small investment as well. Here’s...

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Sustainable Clothing: Myths & Facts

Sustainability has been a buzzword for a while now, but we don't completely understand what sustainable fashion entails for all of us. We will deter ourselves from making the right lifestyle choices if we start believing in sustainable fashion myths. It's time to become aware of our environmental effect on the world and take the eco-friendly fashion discussion to the next level. Here are common misconceptions about sustainable clothes: Uncomfortable- People do think that sustainable clothing is not comfortable. Gone are the days when you were bulky and weighed down with organic materials. On your skin, the fabric feels super smooth. It's light, breathable and cozy in your favorite outfits, exactly what you're looking for. The way to go is...

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