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Modal Sarees: A Modern Touch on the Timeless Drape for Today’s Women

"Care for your clothes like the good friends they are", said Joan Crawford many years ago.

Good clothes just like good friendships need nurturing, maintenance and quality time. However, we’re all aware that some of the best friendships are the ones that need very little maintenance but last a lifetime! Even several years apart, it feels like you picked up just where you left off.

What if we told you that we have just the kind of fabric to be your long-term friend? Meet Modal Silk. First developed in Japan in the 1950s, Modal Silk is a cellulosic fibre made from the Beech tree pulp. After the cellulose is extracted, it is manually spun to make Modal Silk fabric.

Although not originally from India, the fact that Modal Silk drapes beautifully, is smooth, breathable and creates a great canvas for prints like Ajrakh and Shibori makes it a great choice for Sarees. Indian designers are increasingly incorporating Modal Silk into Sarees, often blending it with cotton to give wearers the soft feel of cotton on the skin and the polished gleam of silk on the outside.

Modal Silk Sarees and the Women of Today

Sarees will always remain timeless classics. Modal Silk only adds to the charm and timelessness of this exemplary outfit minus the heaviness of traditional silks like Kanjeevaram or Banarasi. For today’s woman who is always on the move, trying to fit style and comfort into her busy schedule, Modal Silk is here to assist. Here are some reasons why we at Kapaas N Resham think Modal Silk Sarees are the perfect choice for the women of today:

• Soft and Breathable

Modal saree has a soft textured weave, is light-weight, water-absorbent and extremely breathable making it perfect for everyday use and for the Indian summers.

• Durable

Owing to its strong molecular alignment, Modal weave is very durable and great for regular use. No shrinking and pilling of the fabric also make it a great investment!

• Drapes Well

In addition to all its functional properties is its ability to drape beautifully with an almost fluid like fall. We guarantee you elegance with every Modal Saree purchase.

• Easy to design

Modal fabric absorbs dye easily, thus lending itself to a variety of colours and designs. Ajrakh, Shibori and Kalamkari inspired Modal Silk Sarees are some client-favourites at Kapaas N Resham.

• Eco-friendly

It is more environment friendly than its pal, Cotton, right from the initial stages of production. Beech trees, whose pulp is manually spun to make these fibres, do not need artificial irrigation and are often termed “regenerative” in nature. Since they don’t require much water to grow, the overall production process requires 10-20 times less water as compared to cotton.

• Easy to Maintain

We advise our clients to dry clean Modal Sarees for the first two washes and hand wash with a mild detergent in cold water for subsequent washes. A few other pointers to be mindful of: do not soak, do not squeeze and dry in the shade. Follow these pointers and you have a long-term friend in Modal Sarees!

In today’s age, we not only want to marry comfort and style where our clothing choices are concerned but also be mindful of sustainability; striving to leave a richer planet for our future generations. The production of Modal Silk is entirely manual and elaborate, thus making it understandably more expensive than cotton. However, this feel-good fabric is made to impress and stay by your side for the long haul.

Modal Sarees indeed can be considered the preferred choice today given the look, feel and comfort and thus do head over to our Modal Sarees range to pick from a variety of aesthetically picked sarees!