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Benefits of Cotton Clothing

The fashion world has got a number of textiles. There are some fabrics which glam up in the light and some which are just boring. Cotton is the fabric which won’t glam up unless & until you design your dress well. It would suffice to say cotton Vivek utmost comfort. In the quest for glamour, people batter comfort. At times there are textures which not only causes discomfort but also results in health issues or cause skin allergies. For this reason, the “fabric of people’s lives” i.e., cotton (Kapaas) clothing is being widely marketed and preferred by majority these days. There are hundreds of facts which are not known to us about cotton wear. Here’s the list of top six advantages.

  1. Durability- One can always count on cotton. It is known as the most durable amongst all other fabrics. You can rely on it for a long time as it can withstand the strongest detergent or even frequent hand washing. The fibers of cotton tend to stick together for a longer time compared to synthetic fibers which becomes fuzzy after breaking down.
  2. Weatherproof- Yes, cotton is an all-weather fabric. It can resist varying types of temperatures. Being ideal to wear in summer, it also provides insulation during cold winters. Hence, it is weather resistant.
  3. Moisture Control- Cotton has the quality of absorbing. It helps to eliminate the moisture buildup between the cloth and skin by absorbing the sweat from our body.
  4. Hypo-Allergenic- The best fact about cotton fabric is that it does not cause allergic reactions. It is the dermatologist’s most preferred fabric. It does not cause irritation in the skin. For this reason, most of the baby clothing and bandages are made of cotton.
  5. Comfort- The most trait of cotton textile. The clothing is stretchable and soft which makes it comfortable to wear for all our daily chores. It helps our skin breath and keeps it cool and comfortable. This is the reason behind most of us wearing cotton underwear.
  6. Cling Free- Another fun fact about cotton. This fabric is static resistant. So most other fibers can get embarrassing with static but cotton definitely scores higher in being a cling-free and absolutely classy in its fall and texture.

So stock your closets with cotton apparels because even after a hundred years it’s going to be in vogue. I promise you won’t regret investing :P