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Why do women wear Saree? Do we need a special occasion? Saree is just not another outfit in one’s closet; in fact, it’s a lifestyle! In this never-ending judgmental world, Saree is a lifesaver and one which is unbiased, non-judgmental and accepted. Sarees, usually are not the preferred option due to its elaborate draping technique and its mostly considered low on the comfort quotient. Cotton is always the preferred fabric and a  favorite when it comes to textures and comfort. But girls and women these days have developed a stereotype of cotton Sarees to be not so classy or elegant or clothing that adds years to their age and hence avoid it. But slowly these stereotypes are changing due to various groups and pacts creating awareness about this form of clothing.  We find them breaking this myth by embracing saree as a style statement and creating draping styles to up the coolness quotient. We have listed a few benefits of this classic. You could avoid FOMO, by reading out some of the benefits that we have listed below.

  1. Minuscule Efforts: - Cotton or Silk Saree look elegant in all circumstances. It keeps you looking your elegant best from dawn to.
  2. Skin Friendly: - Cotton fabric is always recommended by a dermatologist as it is a natural antidote to skin diseases. A cotton Saree is breathable and can be worn during
  3. Durable: - A good quality saree remains intact for a long time. Sarees whether they are pure weaves or designer ones, retain most of its luster and newness even after a decade.
  4. Cost Effectiveness: - The Cotton Sarees are cheaper, more affordable and nominally priced in comparison to most other garments or ensembles.
  5. No Drooping: - The prime advantage of a cotton Saree is that there are zero chances of drooping. One can display their ladylike figures well as there are no connect odds of hanging with such a saree.
  6. Wide Collection: - A cotton Saree has got a wide collection like Ikat, Ajrak, Linen, tant, sambalpuri, Kanchi cotton, Muslin, Khadi, Jamdani or These pure weaves render elegance and style to one’s personality.

So it’s time to embrace Sarees of all varieties by stocking these weaves in our closet and giving them their special and deserved place in our wardrobe.